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     On top of all of these incredible people, there have been two Indiegogo fundraisers that have brought in over fifty contributors from all over the world. Thank you to all of those who contributed, my family who have supported every idea I've had, mentally and financially, my friends, Candido Family, Swartz Family, Millin Family, Kasnett Family, Deborah Wilson, Belinda Dane, Rutkus Family, Newitt Family, Sarah Drake, Jaime Swartz, Charlotte Wright, Seth Tucker, Sean Bernardi, Joe O'Brien who let us record "This is Me" in his studio for what seemed like 500 hours in one day, and Donnie Klang. Thank you everyone who made every single idea on this website happen. You are all helping me tell incredible stories. Thank you.


– Molly Evans


Nick has produced both the web series and #ThisisNOW. Nick has been my biggest sidekick through all of these projects and I couldn't have done any of this without him.

Angela Millin
Co-Producer, Co-Star

Angela co-starred in and co-produced the web series. I could not have done any of this without the support or inspiration of her. 

Seth Tucker

Director, Web series

Hilary Briggs

Digital Media Strategist, #ThisisNOW

 Editior, Web Series

Marina Montenegro

Social Media Manager, Web Series

Set Photographer, #ThisisNOW

Gunsel Pehlivan

Camera Operator #ThisisNOW

Cody Ball

DP, Editor, Web series

The Janes

Singers of the Web Series theme song

Music Producer, Co-Producer 

Jaime was a music producer of #ThisisNow and is currently Music Producer and Co-Producer of the COVID-19 Fundraiser


Wayne has been a part of all of the projects so far. Couldn't of done any of this without him!

Ethan Kasnett

Co-Producer, #ThisisNOW

Stephanie Bissonnette

Choreographer, #ThisisNOW

Carrie Stalk

Director of Photography, Executive Producer, Colorist #ThisisNOW

David Root

Editor, Assistant Camera #ThisisNOW

Jared Paul

Sound engineer, sound editor, Web Series

Chris Ryan

Composer, Web Series

Loft Sound Studio, Donnie Klang

Music Arranging, Mixing, Editing


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